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q=cache:qd Ab_W9FQj8J: J6D2vn things are being quietly set up to benefit the autistic scriptfriends with seedboxes.

To top it off, we provide you with 100% free live porn, so you'll never have to spend a dime.Right now PTH has 2.9% of users with a user limit at 3.3%.PTH has recruitment at hard to join trackers(most if not all have nothing to do with music) but NOT only that but at very high user status. Legends on AB are respected across the tracker community. Post whichever tracker you want to be on and a representative from that tracker will give you an account (only had trouble one time where a rep wasn't on AB cause it was a random Korean tracker)yes, going to and transcoding 150 flacs makes one very well respected in the tracker community!The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the highest possible standards of tracker service by providing members with opportunities for professional development by recognizing technical competence in technical examinations and by advancing the interests of its members through peer learning, peer teaching and collaboration. there is no way PTH could handle letting PUs in for the foreseeable future as the tracker came close to shitting the bed during FL with only 3,500 members.All urls found in this thread: Guide/ptg Guide/tree/master https:// G-ZSpw4ddmkh V_ITb V7a N_Rt Q29x OKZ97635R79Ok/edit id=63272&torrentid=103010#torrent103010 https:// https:// there is no desire to rush into becoming the new WCD.

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We have advanced from the basic text chatting that became popular during the rise of the internet, to webcam chats and audio chat rooms, that allow you to see and hear others on the site.

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