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Some of today’s topics include the speed of ejaculate.Also, homeless people getting alcohol, Kevin in his dad’s eyes, Mill Street Brewing, how good Tom is at chemistry, acting! Follow Kevin on Twitter: @Kevin Lazer Light or Facebook Check out his show at O’Byrnes, every Monday night at 9.I have the legal right to obtain and possess adult oriented material such as video, pictures, and stories in my jurisdiction and in my community.I enter into this contract freely and as my own wish.

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Celeste is a mother of two, a gainfully employed tax-payer and a phenomenal stand up comedian. Today’s guest is Nick Mc Quik‘s former roommate and butler, stand up comedian and prolific Twitterer, Scott Porteous.

She explains how she juggles all the demands of her life and how she prioritizes the most important part; Celeste gets down to comedy business discussing what it takes to get booked, staying motivated and where to find the best hot pot. Nick and Scott do half of this interview in the front seat of Nick‘s Toyota Corolla and the second half in the back seat.

Before he leaves, however, he discloses a host of stories and lessons for anyone aspiring to follow their dream. Follow Scott on Twitter: @Scott Porteous Liam Leroux – Vote For Me! This week on the Quik & Slow Comedy Show, Nick drives comedian/cartoonist/hooligan/mayoral candidate Liam Leroux around for some chicken. In short, he is pro-photo radar, anti-vitamins and looking for a good debate about street walkers. Follow Liam on Twitter: @Ottawa Hughes or on Instagram: Liam Leroux42 Ep. What matters is that Kevin and NOT Arturo talk to Nick, Jamee and Tom about the Goat’s Head Comedy Show that happens every Monday at O’Byrne’s Irish Pub on 106th and Whyte Ave.

Along the way they chat about sports and injury preventative equipment then about injuries they sustained from not wearing said equipment. When there is time, go out and vote for the new leader and voice of Edmonton, Liam Leroux. 311 Kevin Light – I Don’t Think I’m Their Favorite This week’s guests on the Quik & Slow Comedy Show are Kevin Light and NOT Arturo Grijalvao. This is a great show and Kevin does a great job of hosting!

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