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We know you adore your pups and your group of friends, and you can express all of that in your profile. Remember: Eye contact can be just as engaging in a photo as it is in person. A good quality photo is going to make a big difference for your cover shot. They don’t realize that meeting a match and having him or her look nothing like the photo makes people angrier than a swarm of bees, and less likely to go on a second date. Show your best self, but also your most recent self.

There are positive things about dating again when you're older. You also are more worldly and probably know what you're looking for.

La Bonne Vivante is without equal for customer service, archival packing, and competitive pricing. It was shown at the wake and was well received by family and friends." -- Arthur J. General, US Army, Retired I happily join the ranks of those praising and treasuring the work of Michle Ridley-Cook.

African American memorabilia is quite the "rage" and there are those who will use all kinds of reproductions and I always tell people, "if you do not know your photographs, at least know your dealer." Each year, I display memorabilia for our public library, congregation, and local historical societies, and the purchases from, ensures my task is easy, educational, and entertaining. Her work retrieves significant aspects of African-American history.

On the course, we looked at how to identify different photographic formats and how to date both the image and the style of mount, as well as investigate the studio responsible for taking the photograph.

The above cabinet print (front and back views) was one of my favourite photographs shown on the course.

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To fully understand the context of family pictures, it is useful and interesting to look at the portrait tradition and learn how the earlier demand for hand-crafted artworks evolved into the fashion for portrait photography in the mid-19th century.

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