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However, the rumor is that TI and Tiny have been spending a lot of time together lately and the rapper is allegedly doing all he can to keep them from splitting up for good.Tiny asked for TI to make a full accounting of their money, property and investment accounts because she said she is entitled to half of everything.TI, who was born Clifford Harris Jr., had 30 days to respond to Tiny’s filing, but did not according to records from the Henry County Superior Court.Now, a family court judge could rule in Tiny’s favor by default.” Tiny filed for divorce Dec.It’s a blessing, people know you, but when it comes to the career, people get it twisted. Is it kinda the same, some negatives, some positives? I’m honored that God had me say the words when I said them and I’m honored to have t-shirts made. Do you have any advice for someone who is struggling with that right now? These men in Atlanta these days, it’s like the women…we’re so easy for them.

Just as things are starting to look up, his wife Tameka receives a devastating phone call delaying their reunion. Will his first performance in front of thousands of fans scare him back to reality?

Cottle's father and her uncle, Joseph Pope (1933–1996), formed the R&B group The Tams.

Cottle joined the R&B quartet Xscape in 1992 while attending Tri-Cities Performing Arts High School.

The girls make a trip to the plastic surgeon but the visit is not exactly what one friend was expecting. and Tiny's son King has been staying with his grandmother and she's been spoiling him rotten. 13 February 2012Domani has lost focus in school because he wants to follow in his father's footsteps as a performer.

A phone call from home puts Tip on the defense as he heads back to Atlanta early. In order to show Domani the value of good grades, Tip promises him his own music video if his grades improve.

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& Tiny: The Family Hustle Thanksgiving Special," November 25th at 9PMAtlanta's favorite family knows they have a lot to be thankful for so this Thanksgiving they get in the spirit by giving back.[09/16/14 - AM]VH1 Greenlights "T. I., Tiny and their six kids travel from Atlanta to the North Pole in hopes of saving Christmas after Santa disappears just days before.[09/17/13 - PM]Make It a Girl's Night with VH1's "Tiny Tonight! I & Tiny: The Family Hustle," marks the end of an era for the lovable first family of VH1 while celebrating a television milestone with 100 episodes.

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