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Since then, I have managed to successfully, yet achingly, surrender to wearing flat shoes whilst walking tall and with purpose, which to my benefit, has allowed me to get looks from men and not boys as before.

“It’s just that your daughter is rather I’m ten going on eleven, in the fifth grade, and today is the day I dread most of all in the school year – class photo day. My mom says it’s just a bad stereotype, but then again, she’s barely my height and she’s old, almost thirty-seven. We have to wear these boring, conservative school uniforms to erase the differences between us, but with my height, I will always stand out. I’ve been back in Malaysia for six years now, and although I cried for Canada in the beginning, I now realize how much moving here helped my self-esteem. I actually realised the difference significantly when flying, for example, when boarding a plane wearing heeled boots I was called ma’am.When boarding a plane wearing flats, they look at me like I need air hostess assistance in order to help me get between the gates safely seeing as though This, however, brought on a whole new set of problems; In a desperate attempt to correct all the years of being told to ‘push my shoulders back and stop slouching’ by every teacher and elder around me this past 28 years, I am consciously making the effort to improve my posture and after panicking that I was going to end up with a humped back before I moved to Florence, I immediately went on to You Tube and found a great video on how to correctly sit, stand, sleep and walk, gives me an excuse to casually peer at my reflection whilst passing shop windows so I can make sure that at least this suffering is worth it.The tall girl vs short girl debate is a never-ending one.We can go on for hours about the advantages and disadvantages of both! There are more perks than you’d believe - check out what our Dating pool? We never have to worry about being taller than the guy or looking for guys who are extremely tall. And while we’re at love carrying us around! Guy friends know they don’t have to worry about us too much given that we are pretty much equal when it comes to their strength! Most of our shorter friends are always telling us about how they wish they had our height!

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I think it’s because I’m tall AND Asian AND a girl. The only Asian girl I’ve ever seen on the cover of the Sweet Valley High books I secretly read is really short too. Many of the younger students only reach my shoulder, and I stand straighter as I pass, enjoying how I’m taller than most girls here.

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