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The defense applies to commercial uses and certain other uses, specifically (1) uses by nonprofit entities, such as universities and hospitals, so long as the public is the intended beneficiary of the use and any continuing use of the claimed invention is for noncommercial use, and (2) use of a drug product subject to a premarketing regulatory review period (such as an investigational new drug (IND)) during that period. Companies should: A company might be tempted to ignore the prior use defense and instead create ‘defensive disclosures’ to ward off competitive patents.After all, defensive disclosures (such as a publication or patent application) is prior art that can be used to invalidate a competitor’s patent, and requires less effort than the ongoing process of preserving factual evidence.And a defensive disclosure could potentially be combined with other prior art.But there are also potential problems with relying on defensive disclosures to invalidate a patent.Under the statute, a patent is invalid if “(a) the invention was …before the invention thereof by the applicant for a patent.” Courts have repeatedly found that online content fits within the definition of printed publication.The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act of 2011 (AIA) provides a ‘prior use defense’ to patent infringement.Specifically, a party may defend a patent infringement suit by establishing it commercially used, in good faith, a process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter that is asserted to infringe the patent at least 1 year before the effective filing date of the claimed invention, or the date on which the claimed invention was disclosed to the public (whichever is earlier).

Image analysis is not an easy task as it requires an analyst to go through multiple images.With an increase in such cases, there is also an increase in the requirement to perform invalidation searches to kill such patents.We have always considered a patent search or better to say here an invalidation search, as an art rather than a science.(2015-1171), the CAFC once again demonstrated its lawless bias and caprice, reversing an appeals panel to reinstate the erroneous obviousness decision by the district court, finding for Apple against Samsung (no surprise there).A prior art is a manifestation that the invention was known prior to the filing of the target patent.It can be anything known in books, journals, published papers, blogs, oral descriptions, public exhibition and much more.

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If a reference is sufficiently disseminated at time of original publication then the ability to later locate the reference is irrelevant.

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