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Even when you are sweet enough to pick out clothes for me, I am fairly like to fight you on it. And my complaints may be oddly specific and obscure. Expect to be piling 70-80% of your paycheck into a savings account. Speaking of which, if you want to work, that’s totally fine; in fact, I encourage you to because I’m not going to bust my hump at some humiliating office job so we can afford a Mc Mansion in the suburbs.

Now shut up and try it on.” This will make sense to me. I take my philosophy of romantic relationships from Joni Mitchell, and if she was good enough for our parents’ generation, she’s good enough for us.

The idea, quite simply, is to find a female “friend” who you already like, who you can recreationally screw, without attachments or hurt feelings, for the mutual orgasming of both parties involved.

It sounds like a great idea, and it Sex, for most women, is a very emotional and bonding experience.

It's time to head back to campus where Frat parties frequently turn into orgies and Sorority girls earn their stripes by servicing upperclassmen with their tight wet and hairless holes!

Go ahead and fuck these 18 year old hotties as hard as you like.

The bitches brought the guy at their dorm room were they proceed with sucking his dick on the gym ball and to have sex with him.

Because that’s what’s happening A fuck-buddy gives you a safe “out.” A fallback plan in the event that working the single’s scene doesn’t work out that night.

It’s extremely hard — although not impossible — for women to separate the physical act of fucking from the emotional effect of attachment.

Worse, the more times a man goes back to the Fuck-Buddy well, the stronger that emotional bond for the woman becomes.

Girls had a great idea that if they will be naked while washing cars, they will get more customers.

Not only that, but they may also fuck guys they like inside their cars. Best-friends picked up a guy and decided to give him a head and fuck him.

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