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Each year, the Sydney Opera House hands over its iconic sails to artists who use projectors to animate a Michael-Bay-worthy explosion of colors across its skin.The effect is the unreal combination of the world’s best graphic artists wielding the world’s most powerful tools in CGI.Generally, you have a right to take photos and videos of public places and the people within them.

This difference is palpable, and spotting the imperfections feels strange at first since 3-D projection mapping is usually known for its precision.

For example, even though most beaches are public places, you can get in trouble for taking invasive photos of people in their swimmers without their permission.

Private property is a space where the owner can set rules or restrict entry.

The case against five men in Sheffield Crown Court relies in part on a graphic, eight-minute film consisting of footage from the South Yorkshire Police helicopter.

One police officer, 50-year-old Adrian Pogmore, has pleaded guilty to misconduct.

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