Cllocationmanager stopupdatinglocation not working

Private CLLocation Manager Your , however because increasing the accuracy requires more device resources (like GPS or Cellular Radio), it also means that more device power will be required.

When a remote notification arrives, the system launches or resumes the app in the background and gives it a small amount of time to download the new content. If we have included location service in background mode (set in info.plist), we can try run this service after switch application into background.

This is the third article of the i OS Programming 101 series.

In the previous two articles, we showed you how to hide the tab bar and implement email feature in your app.

That said, under other circumstances you may still want instances to be created to give your consumer more choices/functionality.

Ultimately these changes make your code easier to read, ensure you have Singleton and are inline with Apple’s documented approach to Singletons using Swift.

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i OS has several options how to correctly run the application in the background. We’ll use the one that your application will use and which we need.

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