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Three intervals of incision (∼5.5–5 ka, 1.3–1.0 ka and 0.5 ka) correspond with frequent but small fire-related sedimentation events and generally cooler, wetter conditions suggesting increased snowmelt runoff discharges.Other possible drivers of channel incision include an increase in stochastic or climate-modulated large storms and floods and a reduction in delivery of hillslope sediment to the channel.Terrace deposit ages were provided by 14C dating of charcoal fragments and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of sandy sediments.Along with pairing of many terrace tread heights, these data indicate episodic downcutting during the Holocene, with a mean incision rate of ∼0.9 m/ka from ∼7 ka to present.Aggradation is more confidently tied to climate through increases in hillslope sediment delivery and (or) decreased stream power, both likely related to warmer, drier conditions (including high-severity fires) that reduce snowmelt and decrease vegetation cover on steep slopes.Montana’s colorful history includes the stories told through geology.Results from the South Fork Hoh highlight the importance of transport environment and sedimentary facies on solar resetting.Sediments from better-sorted, ice-distal environments were determined to be more completely bleached and more reliable for OSL dating.

Some of our famous ancestors are Sacagawea, Old Toby, Chief Camahweait, Chief Snag, and Chief Tendoy.How did the United States Government honor Sacajawea and her people for saving the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805, and defending early settlers from Blackfeet raids?The USA set aside a 100 square mile reservation in 1875, then took it ALL back in 1907 and removed the Agai-Dika and Tuku-Dika Shoshone by gunpoint to Fort Hall, Idaho.Sediments in the water deposited thin beds of sand, mud, and calcium carbonate.A carbonatite here, a glacial moraine there, a zig-zagging fault or two, even a behemoth of a batholith.

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High sediment supply typical of glacial environments, short transport distances, and sediment newly eroded from bedrock sources were expected to pose problems for luminescence dating.

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