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EXEC sp_addlogreader_agent @job_login = @login, @job_password = @password, -- Explicitly specify the use of Windows Integrated Authentication (default) -- when connecting to the [email protected]_security_mode = 1; -- Create a transactional publication that supports immediate updating, -- queued updating, and pull subscriptions.If you must store credentials in a script file, you must secure the file to prevent unauthorized access.Enable updating subscriptions for transactional publications on the Publication Type page of the New Publication Wizard.Existing custom field data is not cleared if new custom field values are not provided.Multi-Valued Select Many custom fields are set by providing multiple Custom Field array items with the same [email protected]_security_mode = 1; GO --Declarations for adding an article.

The subscriber data is then passed into a processing queue in Campaign Monitor to be added.

Subscribers who have been removed from an automation, or have removed themselves from an automation, can't be added back.

To add a subscriber to your automation, follow these steps.

After you start an activity-based automation, you may want to add or remove subscribers, or give your subscribers more control over which automation emails they receive.

In this article, you'll learn how to view subscribers in an automation queue, change an automation's recipients, and add a merge tag to your campaigns or automated emails so subscribers can choose to join or leave a automation.

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To use updating subscriptions, you must also configure options in the New Subscription Wizard.

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